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4 Signs A Vehicle Needs A New Battery

by Aiden Knight

One of the sneakier problems that can happen with a car is a dying battery. Yes, it may just die quickly, and the car will need a new auto battery installation. Many times, though, the battery simply weakens until it becomes annoying or difficult to deal with. These four signs indicate it might be time to have a professional perform a car battery installation.

Difficulty Starting

While the battery isn't the only cause of difficulty starting a vehicle, it's definitely on the list. Even worse, a dying battery might not be extremely evident. That may lead to straining the starter, a potentially more expensive repair than an auto battery installation.

If you live in a cold region, you might notice this problem on winter days or cold mornings. Likewise, people who let their vehicles sit may encounter difficult starts due to drained batteries.

Fortunately, a pro can test the battery. If the battery isn't the problem, then you've at least eliminated one potential cause for difficult starts.

Headlights Are Dim

When a battery isn't fully supplying power to other parts of the car, you'll see dimming in the headlights. Especially if the problem is just starting, you might only see the issue when you turn something else on. For example, the lights may only dim when you crank the climate control system's fan to high.

This is also another problem that may be a symptom of something else. A dying alternator is a common possibility.

Settings Reset

If a car battery gets low enough, the settings on some systems that depend on the power may reset. You'll most commonly see the problem with the stereo system. It often ends up being evident because the clock resets or the equalizer settings default.

As with everything on this list, however, it might be a sign of something else. Loose wires can also be the culprits.

Corrosion Around the Terminals

Over the life of a lead-based battery, its internal processes will release hydrogen. As the hydrogen passes through the top of the battery, the terminals will develop a fuzzy type of corrosion that can look like mold. Notably, wet and salty air will encourage this process.

If you see corrosion on the positive terminal, the batter may be overcharged. When corrosion occurs on the negative terminal, it is undercharged. You can clean the corrosion, but persistent corrosion that requires cleaning more than once a year is a sign to replace the battery. Contact a car battery installation service for more information.