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Hiring An Electrician To Help You Pass Your Home Inspection

by Aiden Knight

If you were thinking about adding an addition to your home, you may have concerns about meeting the city requirements when it comes to the setup of your added room's electrical system. When adding an extra room to your home, your new room will have to pass inspections and if your new room doesn't meet the requirements then you could be penalized with costly fines. So, to ensure your new room has an electrical set-up that meets all the requirements, you will want to hire an electrician. An electrician will be able to perform the following:

Outlet Installations:

Not only do you need to hire an electrician to wire your outlets, but with their expertise, you can be certain that your new outlets meet all the rules when it comes to placement and the distance between each outlet in your home. Also, your electrician will be able to properly wire your outlets so you don't experience any power surge and this will help you avoid potential damages to the devices you plug into your outlets as your outlets will only draw the proper amount of output wattage.

Disable Live Wires:

If your new room is inspected, it is likely that the inspector will look for any live wires that are unnecessary and if he or she spots any, this could result in a fine and a letter stating that you will have to have this corrected. So, instead of going through the hassle of dealing with costly fines, be sure to hire an electrician who can go behind your walls and your electrical panel so that he or she can disable any live wires. Not only will this improve your chances of passing your inspections, but this will also improve your home's safety as live wires can potentially cause fire damages.

Wire and Cable Managements:

Poor cable management can lead to overheating and wire pinching, which can potentially disable parts of your home's electrical setup. Hiring an electrician to come to your home will allow your wires and cables to be organized, which will help compress the amount of space that your wires and cables take, which can create added airflow and this can help reduce the chances of overheating.

These services will ensure your home meets all the guidelines and requirements, so you can obtain permits and legally list this added room to the floor plan of your home if you plan on selling your home down the road. Not only will this allow you to add this extra room to your listing, but it will prevent you from potentially being penalized by the city if your electrical system doesn't meet the city's regulations. To learn more, contact a company like Contec Direct