Taking Care Of Your Electronics

Slow iPhone Performance? Physical Damage? Don't Replace It Yet!

by Aiden Knight

The world of consumer electronics makes it easy to simply buy another device when something breaks--if you're willing to pay for it. Devices such as the iPhone are known for their warranty support for a limited amount of time, but if you have a refurbished phone or a phone with an expired warranty, you may be facing expensive repairs from official resources. To get help with performance issues, take a look at a few performance issues that could be managed outside of the iPhone replacement system.

Replacement May Not Solve Software Problems

It may be better for sales to push you towards buying a new product instead of getting an old model fixed, but you may love the features of your current phone. Slow performance may seem like a call for a new device, but there may be issues that no iPhone can resolve.

With the introduction of the smartphone and the culture of app (application) design, many people became introduced to the Internet and computers with a handheld device. With app stores, many people had their first taste of programming--and your phone may be suffering because of these new programs.

App programming is no easy task. Programming requires learning a new language and the right way to write specific instructions that your iPhone--or any computer--can understand. With the iPhone's app store, many amateurs flooded the market with interesting concepts and good intentions that may not have been written well enough to work on your phone the right way.

Excessive use of inefficient code means that the app may be using more resources than it needs to. Even if you get a new iPhone, the app may still be poorly designed to the point of taking up too many resources.

The problem could be one or multiple apps that are taking up too many resources, which can be solved by removing the app. If you're attached to the app's functions, make sure to speak with an iPhone repair professional for suggestions, temporary fixes and assistance in contacting the app designer to voice your concerns for the app.

Physical Damage Repair For iPhones

Most software issues on smartphones can be repaired by removing bad apps or performing a factory reset, although some users may be uncomfortable with risking their information with such troubleshooting. For physical issues such as broken screens, dented ports or battery problems, it's best to take the device to a repair professional.

Screen replacement is a sensitive procedure that requires the correct spare parts, precision, and tools to avoid breaking the new screen. A damaged port, such as the charger port or audio port, could be as simple as needing a new shell (the outer protective case that is part of the iPhone, not a third-party protective shell) or as difficult as soldering a new port to the inside of the iPhone.

Contact an iPhone repair professional as soon as possible if you have a crushed, dented or cracked iPhone. The sooner repair parts can be brought in for your fix, the sooner you'll have it back in working order.