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Inexpensive Gifts For Teenage Girls

by Aiden Knight

Teen girls are often picky. Many know exactly what type of things that they like and have difficulty suppressing emotions of distaste. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to find a good, inexpensive gift for a teenage girl. The key to finding an inexpensive gift that a teenage girl will like is knowing what you're looking for before you try to shop. Check out these inexpensive gift ideas to make shopping for the teen girl in your life simple.

Personalized Jewelry

It's hard to go wrong when you give a girl jewelry, especially personalized jewelry. The best part is, personalized jewelry is easy to find. It's sold everywhere from department stores to accessory and discount stores; if the store sells women's clothing, chances are, they also sell some sort of jewelry. Necklaces with name charms and rings with initials on them are both good options.

Because you're looking for inexpensive jewelry, look for silver pieces instead of gold, because silver is the cheaper option. Avoid purchasing fake jewelry unless you know that the gift recipient doesn't have a skin reaction when wearing costume jewelry.

Cell Phone Accessories

Most teenage girls carry their cell phones around like they are an extension of their arm, so cell phone accessories make a great gift. However, you can't just purchase any random accessories. Teenage girls love stuff, but it has to be cool stuff. So consider purchasing a trendy cell phone case or a mobile cell phone charger in a cool color or shape. If you aren't sure what type of colors of designs the gift recipient likes, consider purchasing a clear silicone cell phone case. You could also include a variety of stickers with the clear silicone cell phone case so that she can decorate the case herself. You could also include a coupon for a photo printing service so she can stick pictures beneath the case. You can find clear silicone cases for iPhone 6, the older models, and other smartphone brands.

Makeup and Beauty Supplies

Most teenage girls love makeup. However, unless you know exactly what brand and shades of makeup she likes, purchasing makeup as a gift can be tricky. Avoid purchasing skin makeup, such as foundation and powder, because it can be difficult to get an exact match. Instead, opt for neutral eye shadow palettes, eyeliner, and lipgloss. If you don't want to purchase makeup, you can fill a gift basket with manicure supplies. Simply purchase a small basket and fill it with a variety of nail polish, nail trimmers, nail files, nail polish remover, and hand lotion.

Shopping for a teenage girl on a budget might seem stressful, but you don't need to worry. Keep things simple and you're bound to find the perfect, inexpensive gift for the teen girl in your life.