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Adjustable Furniture You Cannot Live Without: Four Examples Of Premium Comfort

by Aiden Knight

When you have a back condition or suffer from chronic pain, you constantly have to rethink your environment and your furniture. Thankfully, there are several pieces of furniture on the market now that have your comfort in mind. The following four examples are furniture pieces that provide premium comfort and relief for your chronic pain and/or back pain.

Five Star Mattresses

These mattresses are completely adjustable. You can raise or lower both the head and foot ends of the mattresses as well as modify the firmness or softness of the mattress. If you are in a lot of pain, you may want a softer, more pillowy mattress. If your chiropractor suggests you sleep on a firmer mattress, you can increase the firmness over several days to allow your body time to adjust and time to find that perfect combo of firmness and comfort. You may find these mattresses either in the bed department or between the bed and electronics department of major department stores.


Whether they are stand-alone recliners or recliners built into a sofa with a deluxe armrest between them, these auto-recliners come equipped with their own set of comfort buttons. You can even get recliners that lift you up and out of the chair! These chairs and sofas need to be plugged into the nearest outlet to work, but do not require a lot of electricity to run. Your chair remote is often located in the armrest. The remote allows you to lean way back for a nap, or partially up/down to watch TV. Extra buttons control the footrest portion. If you really want to go all out, some auto-recliners double as full-body massage chairs.

Massaging Desk Chairs

If you happen to work from home or operate a small business in your house, taking a break to ease your tired, achy body could be as simple as flipping the switch on a massaging desk chair. Although most of these massaging desk chairs only have two massaging options, some will also have warming coils. Both the massaging and heating options are typically limited to just the back rest, but a more expensive desk chair will add them to your seat, warming and massaging your low back whenever you like.

Lower Leg and Foot Massaging Ottomans

When you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, your back and even your whole body can feel it through your feet. There are some ottomans that massage both your feet and your lower legs, releasing pain and tension. This particular piece of furniture, like all of the previously mentioned pieces, is also controlled via remote. For more information, contact a local furniture store like Merlins TV.